Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Fabulous Grow Box for Container Gardening - My Update!

A few weeks ago I blogged here on my blog about the wonderful Grow Box that you can use for container gardening.You can find that blog post right here on my blog and I encourage you to check out that first post I made about the Grow Box.

Well, it has been 6 1/2 weeks since I planted two cherry tomato plants in my Grow Box and guess what? I got a slew of green cherry tomatoes that will be ripe and ready to pick in about 2 weeks. Not only that, I have been getting red ones here & there that hubby and I have already been picking and enjoying!

By using the Grow Box and planting our tomato plants in it in early April, our tomato plants are growing healthy and we got a head start on tomato growing season! Usually we don't start picking cherry tomatoes until late June so we are an entire month ahead of schedule which makes me extremely happy since I am a tomato lover!

I love my Grow Box so much that I plan on investing in several more of them come next Spring when I can get back to gardening like I usually do. (recovering right now from a total hip replacement, so my gardening is going to be limited this Summer).

Anyway, as you can see from my photo above, my two cherry tomato plants are doing extremely well. Make sure you check out my blog post from 6 1/2 weeks ago to see how far they have come. These Grow Boxes are the BEST THING for container gardening! LOVE THEM!

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