Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Azalea Bushes are in Full Bloom!!!

I have been really patient this year and have been waiting a few weeks for all eight of my Azalea bushes to bloom and finally this week they did it! They are all looking gorgeous thanks to Miracle Gro and all of them are full and lush!

We have eight bushes (3 red ones, 3 pink ones and 3 purple ones) and I am thinking about adding more red ones or white ones to the mix. I love how they look and how they smell when you walk around our house and yard. I am really excited that they are doing so well this year since they did so poorly last year. Wow, what a difference a year makes and a little Miracle Gro to help!

Next weekend we are going to get our flowers in (the annuals) and mulch around the house and flower bed. I am looking forward to that and can't wait to see the end result once we are done with that project. Once done with that, going to work on adding bushes between our property line with the neighbors to hopefully deter their dogs from coming over here to do their potty business which irritates us to NO END!

Yay! Thank you Spring for finally being here so that I can spend time outdoors basking in your warmth and sunlight! Have a great weekend everyone!

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