Monday, May 27, 2013

Beautiful Yellow Iris Flowers in Bloom

I love gardening and last Fall I picked up some Iris bulbs and decided to plant some of them in my flower beds and around the house near my front door. I have never planted Iris's before and I wasn't too sure how I would do with them, because our weather here in Pennsylvania can be finicky and harsh at times.

Anyway, I purchased purple, white, yellow and red Iris bulbs (some people call these flowers "FLAGS") and planted them back in late September. (really easy to plant and care for these flowers & they come back every year). As I always do, I tossed a layer of hay over top where I planted them to give them some protection during our harsh winter months.

Once winter was over, we removed our layer of hay and waited for all of our spring flowers to bloom. The first ones that came up & bloomed were our tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, lilacs and our 8 azalea bushes. The this past week I finally saw one of my Iris' blooming! Yay!

My Iris' range in size from 9" up to 1 1/2 feet in height and are doing well. So far, the only ones blooming are the yellow ones, but the purple, red and white ones should be blooming later this week. They all look healthy & beautiful and come fall...I will be planting more of them!

Once the other Iris' start blooming and looking lush in my flower beds, I will snap a few more pictures for all of you to see. I am really pleased with our new flower beds and how all of our new landscaping projects are coming along. Yay! I love gardening, don't you?

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