Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fight the Holiday Stress with These Helpful Tips

Dr. Nicolle Ionascu, author of “The Power of Journaling: A Guided Pathway to Insight,” offers tips to overcome Holiday anxiety

Holiday stress is inevitable; from buying gifts, hosting family to preparing a feast for your loved ones during the holidays is enough to rob the season of cheer. Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr. Nicolle Ionascu, reminds us of a simple art that, when used diligently, can renew the restless mind. Her book, “The Power of Journaling: A Guided Pathway to Insight.” The book introduces the natural and holistic art of daily writing that can undoubtedly break the stress barrier and allow enjoyment for you this Holiday season.

Dr. Nicolle provides an outline of tips to help individuals have a great and stress free Holiday season.

Organize Your Thoughts

Buying gifts is perhaps the number one stress enhancer during holidays. An extremely helpful way to go about buying gifts is a detailed list; who, what, and where certain gifts could be bought. Even if you are aware of your own anxious tendencies, addressing them can be incredibly frustrating. Sadly, people attempt desperate and unhealthy measures - anything - to crush their anxiety. Writing down reactions and feelings helps organize thoughts and decrease mental chaos, which adds to stress.

Write Them Down

Relatives during the holidays can add to more stress, especially when trying to accommodate everyone. Whether its stress from out-of-town guests, parents, in-laws to children - striving to accomplish a fun time for everyone, can at times take away from your own enjoyment. Letting go of pent up feelings in a controlled way, such as writing, helps to alleviate stress.

Step back. Enjoy yourself & those around you

Journaling keeps people from releasing anger and stress on those around them. Writing is a great coping mechanism with life’s difficulties in a different and more freeing way. It helps individuals set a time for themselves to release whatever stress they may have, and in doing so alleviates pent up emotions. Holiday’s are special because of tradition, and spending time with loved ones, and journaling can be a great escape to keep grounded and remember to have a great time.

About Dr. Nicolle Ionascu: Dr. Nicolle Ionascu graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in the late 1990’s with a degree in English Literature. She then went on to earn her Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, specializing in Neuropsychology. Dr. Nicolle works as a clinical neuropsychologist in the department of neurology at Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Oakland, CA. She is a contributing author for and, having published over sixty articles for these sites in the past year. For more information on Dr. Nicolle Napier-Ionascu or her new book The Power of Journaling: A Guided Pathway to Insight please visit Dr. Nicolle’s website at

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