Sunday, February 16, 2014

6 Important Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Dogs and cats are very sensitive to the cold and winter weather. When letting your pets outside during the winter season, you need to take some easy precautions to help protect them from the cold, ice and snow.
Here are 6 important cold weather safety tips to remember:

1. Pets like dogs and cats have very sensitive paws that can freeze or get frost bitten in cold winter weather. You want to limit their time outdoors and in extreme weather purchase booties for their feet which will help to provide some warmth and protection.

2. Dogs and cats (just like humans) lose a lot of their body heat via their head. Cover their heads up with specially made knit hats. When they return from being outside, dry off their heads completely so that they can warm up quicker.

3. Make sure your pets are well fed and properly hydrated so they can efficiently heat their bodies. Feed them smaller meals throughout the entire day along with a constantly filled water dish.

4. Limit their time outdoors! Take them out more frequently for shorter periods of time. Don't let them out there in the frigid weather for hours at a time. If your animal is an "outdoor" dog or cat, bring them indoors until the frigid weather passes.

5. Since your pet can't burn off "energy" outdoors like they usually do, have plenty of activities for them to enjoy indoors. These can include new toys, bones, dog chews, treats, ropes, etc. Keep them busy to bust the boredom!

6. Do not bathe your pet and then let them outside to do their business in cold icy temperatures! Let them completely dry off and warm up for at least an hour before letting them outside.

These are all important tips to remember this winter season to keep your pets healthy and safe. If in doubt, always consult a license veterinarian for advice and help.

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