Thursday, September 11, 2014

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Fall is here. School is back in session, the trees are once again changing colors and, of course, that means Halloween isn'’t far behind. While a little extra sugar consumption may be unavoidable during this time of the year, between the crisp caramel apples and Halloween candy hitting the shelves, it doesn'’t mean you have to overload on the salt as well.

As people start packing their summer clothes away and digging for their warm sweaters, it’s the perfect time to change up your recipes for seasonal, heartwarming fare. LoSalt, a reduced sodium salt with 66 percent less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts, can be used to add a healthy kick.

“LoSalt offers a positive step toward helping consumers lower the sodium value of recipes without losing taste,” said Jo-Ann Heslin, registered dietician and nutritionist and author of 29 consumer wellness and nutrition books.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Recipe from LoSalt by Bryony, author of the Recipe Yum blog
Serves 2-3

Wondering what to do with the left over pumpkins after Halloween? Make use of the seeds by turning them into a delicious snack. They taste just like popcorn, only much healthier, and are great for movie nibbles.

· Pumpkin
· LoSalt (to taste)


1. Cut the top off the pumpkin.
2. Scoop out all the innards and separate the pulp from the seeds.
3. Put the seeds in a sieve and wash them clean with water.
4. Wrap the seeds in paper towels to dry them off.
5. Put the seeds in an oven proof tray and sprinkle with LoSalt to taste.
6. Cook under the grill for about five minutes, or until they start to brown.

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