Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coastal Home Decor Items for the Bathroom and Bedroom

I love decorating in a coastal style and a beach cottage style here in my home. I do like some "nautical" items but frankly, I consider nautical and coastal two different things. Here in Pennsylvania often times it is hard to find beach items for my home so every time we are down at our beach house at the Jersey Shore, I go on a shopping spree and bring items back up to PA. and vice versa.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite bathroom and bedroom coastal home decor items with all of you that I have here in my own home or down at our beach house. All of these items are what I call "affordable" home decor items.

First up, this beautiful framed "Blessings by the Sand and the Sea" wall art (picture) that I have hanging in our master bedroom. I just love this piece...it is framed in a wooden off-white rustic frame and matted under glass. It is about 15" by 20" in size and I just love it for its simplicity.

Next is the Hydrangea and sea shells framed and matted print that I made. I bought a cross stitch kit and spent 4 months stitching the design onto canvas and then took it in to a local framing shop and had it double matted and framed under glass. I have this hanging in our master bedroom too on another wall. Overall it, it measures about 14" wide by 20" high.

I love this next piece that is hanging in our one hallway leading to the bedrooms. Total cost was $20.00. I bought 4 white shadow box frames and filled them up with photos from various vacations we have taken to the beach. Often times our family members are with us on these trips so I got to show off many of them too. I took some genuine star fish and glued them onto the front of the shadow boxes and then laid a few seashells on the top edges. These sea shell accents turned it into a nice coastal piece. I picked up the shadow boxes at A.C. Moore's for $5.00 each and then used a 10% off coupon. The sea shells I already had on hand. It is a narrow hallway so I couldn't get a proper photo of how nice it really looks hanging on the wall.

Next is the white shadow box hanging in one of our guest bedrooms. I wanted to show off some of our best sea shells that we have collected over the years. I bought the shadow box at a flea market for $1.00. I brought it home and painted it white and then placed my shells into the cubby holes.  People like to pick up the shells and look at them when they visit us.

In one of my guest bathrooms I have a sea shell themed fabric shower curtain with matching sea shell shower curtain hooks. I picked up the shower curtain about 2 years ago at Kmart on clearance for $5.00 and the shower hooks for $5.00 for a total cost of $10.00. It is a beautiful shower curtain and I just love it!

In that same guest bathroom I have a wooden peg shelf in a coastal theme with 4 large wooden pegs so that my guests can hang up their wet bath towels. I love the variety of sea shells and sea birds that are within the print that decorates it. I picked this up on one of our trips down to the Jersey Shore for $10.00 a few years ago. It is very sturdy and can hold thick & heavy bath towels with no problem!

When you walk into the master bathroom there is a small wall space right above the entry door into the bathroom. I bought an arrow shaped wall hanging that says "Seaside Delightful Days!" on it for $10.00. I thought it looked too plain so I glued a beautiful real star fish on the left side and think it looks beautiful now!

Finally, on one of my smaller sized walls in the master bedroom I have another framed cross stitch picture that I did about 2 years ago. It measures 11" by 14" in size and is matted & framed under glass. I bought a cross stitch kit and the design features a star fish and 4 different sea shells with some sea grass. I had it framed in a vanilla colored wooden frame. On the side of that I have 2 resin square shaped wall plaques. One says "Sun Sand Surf" and the other one says "Sail Sand and Sea". Each one measures 5" square and they make the perfect little accents.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will show you some more coastal decor items that I have in my home and some of our coastal landscaping projects that we have recently completed. Do you like to decorate in a coastal or beach theme?

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