Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Birds are 6 days Old!

Well, our baby house finch birds are now 6 days old. They are getting alot of furry down type of material on them now and have even started opening their eyes. I can hear them from outside my bedroom window and can see them in the hanging basket.

Since its been 95+ degrees here in PA, we have checked on them often. They were over-heated today and breathing hard so we misted the flower basket with some light water and they actually seemed to enjoy that although mom was not happy and dad was certainly not happy and took a dive at my husband. We haven't been able to get pics of mom and dad yet.

Today's photo is of our 4 hatchlings and they are now 6 days old. The 5th egg never hatched but is still in the nest at this time.


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Anonymous said...

They are SOOO cute!!!