Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Daughter and her pregnancy!

As most of my blog readers know, our daughter J is expecting our first grandchild on May 25th, 2009. My husband and I are very excited about getting our first grandchild in a few months. Our grand daughter will be named Gianna Nadine.

So far our daughter J's pregnancy is going smoothly. She is now starting to experience some edema in her legs and ankles, but then again, most pregnant women get that!

The above pictures were taken 1 week ago of our daughter J and her growing belly with our precious little grand daughter inside! We set the date for the upcoming baby shower which will be held on April 25th.


Healthy Perspectives said...


Jenelle has a beautiful belly. You're right the edema is normal. She looks gorgeous just like I expect from any pregnant woman.

You must be getting excited.

Darlene said...

Oh my, this is beautiful. That little life in there is making herself be known in a big belly way. lol Jenelle looks absolutely wonderful. Won't be long now, Grandma.