Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter-Time Snow-Couple!

A friend of mine loves snowmen and so do I. She asked me to make her a snow couple with a slight Americana Theme to theme. They are made from white thick felt and easy to make. The bodies are just made of felt pieces sewn together and stuffed with fiberfill. For the eyes, you can embroider them and the mouth with black floss or you can sew on or glue on tiny black seed beads. For the noses, I took white sculpey clay and handmade carrot shaped noses. After I baked them for 2 minutes and left them cool, I then painted them dark orange and glued them onto the faces. The clothing is just simple americana navy blue fabric with dark gold stars on them. Nothing fancy about it as she wanted them to be simple. You can attach a black felt hat to the male snowman or make your own matching fabric cap like I did and just tie a bow or attach a rosette at the neckline of your girl snowman or look at mine for some ideas. They each measure about 6" tall by 4" in width by 1" in depth. If you don't have a sewing machine, they are simple enough to sew by hand.

The one pictured below isn't dressed yet and is larger in size (about 10" long) and is wearing a black hat. I haven't decided on how to dress him yet but wanted you to see a photo of the body undressed.

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