Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the Snowman Crafting Mood....

I live in South Central PA...we just got hit with a East Coast Snow Storm...ick! Well anyway, I do have a love for snowmen! Two weeks ago I found this vintage snowman kit over on ebay and just had to have it. I finally had time this past weekend to sit down and sew. I think he turned out awesome!

He is a shelf sitter and measures about 18" long and is made from batting and stuffed with fiberfill. His legs are a knit material (like a sweater knit) and just attached to the body and knotted. Gotta love that red festive knit scarf he is sporting too.

For his nose...I decided to make my own from sculpey modeling clay and made a carrot shaped nose and glued it on. His eyes are simple black beads. I can't wait to decorate with him next Holiday Season. I think he might look fantastic hanging on mantle shelf.

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