Sunday, March 8, 2009

7 Months Along...And Counting....

Well, I was finally able to get new pictures of our daughter J and her growing belly yesterday.

She is now 7 months along and is carrying our grand daughter Gianna Nadine. She is due in May 2009. I think she is just glowing!

She is getting the 3-D ultrasound done in 2 weeks, can't wait to see what our precious grand daughter looks like! The nursery's are almost done now. Jen did the nursery at her house is light lavendar and pink and in a carebears theme. The nursery at our house is in ocean tones and in a cottage beach theme as I just love the beach!

I love to rub my daughters belly and talk to Gianna. I know that its silly but I want her to get used to my voice now. I can't wait to read her a slew of bedtime stories!

So far the pregnancy has been pretty easy. She is experiencing some swelling and achiness in her legs and ankles now and has put on 18 lbs so far.

I will update you all again in 2 weeks on how her pregnancy is going!



Anonymous said...

Oh I love the preggers belly! Thanks for sharing!

Healthy Perspectives said...

How time flies. I love the pregnant belly too. It's so amazing. Great pic Shelly.

Connie said...

Haha! I talked to Julian before he was born too.. drove my dd crazy! I hope you can post the 3d ultrasound pics.. they are so awesome!