Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Been Busy Making More Crafts!

I just love to craft, all kinds of crafts! Here is what I have recently been doing:

I just completed a set of 2 Bird House Themed Finger Tip Towels! I love to watch birds so I enjoyed making these! They were made on woven white cotton finger tip towels with a scalloped edge and done in cross stitch (preprinted pattern). I believe it was a Bucilla (tm) kit but not positive on that. I used DMC thread.

I recently completed this pretty dresser scarf featuring pink cabbage roses. Its rectangular in shape with flat edges and stitched onto white cotton using DMC Embroidery Floss.

Finally, is a completed set of white standard size pillowcases that I stitched up for a customer. I used DMC Floss and it features little pink and lilac flowers. The pillowcases are elegant with their scalloped edges. I need to make 2 more sets for others who requested them next!

You can find FREE Crafting Patterns and Projects over on my official crafting blog at Passionate About Crafting ---> HERE


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