Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earn FREE Tupperware Online!

Did you know you can earn FREE Tupperware without even leaving your home? You don't even need to clean or invite party guests into your home!

You can have a Online 14 day Tupperware Website Party!

Click on the blue button (right hand side of the page near the top) that says Start Your Online Party Today!

On the next page you can see what you can earn for FREE with a qualifying Online Tupperware Party!

Sign Up today! Fill out the online form with your information and then type in all the names and email addresses of your party guests! Tupperware will automatically email them a special party invitation which will have a special coded party link inside. Your party guests MUST use the link that is in their email invitation to shop at your online Tupperware Party! Guests will shop, order and pay for their purchase all online. Tupperware will immediately ship them their order while you receive credit for it! In 14 days, Tupperware will automatically close your party. If your party sales qualify and meet the requirements, you will receive a Tupperware E-Gift Certificate via email within 48 hours that you can redeem for FREE Tupperware!

You can contact me through my website if you have any questions!


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