Sunday, December 13, 2009

Been busy again doing some quilting...

I just love to craft and sew and the past month I have been super busy doing rag throw quilts and table runners for a few local customers.

I recently completed 2 throw quilts in a purple and greens theme for a customer, I think this color scheme turned out beautiful if I must say so myself!

Then I made about 15 or so various sized quilted table runners and dresser scarves. Here is a pic of one I completed last week for my neighbor. My camera didn't photograph the colors correctly...its actually a dark raspberry color.

And finally...I this beautiful dark green and dark red table runner for the holidays.

Today I will be busy sewing and quilting 2 more table runners in a blue and cream color for another customer.

If you are interested in learning how to rag quilt, you can visit my other craft blog called Passionate About Crafting where you will find instructions and photos for various types of crafts and quilting projects.


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