Monday, December 21, 2009

Crafting - Quick and Easy Glittered Pinecones

I went for a nature walk last week before the big snow hit us here on the East Coast. I collected some moss, acorns, a variety of pinecones and some pine sprigs to put in my basket as a holiday decoration.

I had some left-over items that I didn't use so when the kids stopped in for a brief visit this past weekend...they all wanted to do some crafting with their auntie Shelly. Actually, they look forward to it every time they come!

So...we decided to glitter up some pine cones and make them into ornaments.

If you want to rid your pinecones of 'critters' you can bake them in the oven set at 200 degrees F (or less) for a few minutes. However, your oven must be set very low and you need to stand there so that they don't catch on fire.

We used the JoAnn's (JoAnns Fabrics) Brand of clear glitter glue because the little bottles have a fine tip nozzle on them. We just squirted it onto the pinecones and left them dry for 30 minutes (it dries pretty quickly and dries clear).

It is hard to see by our pics the pretty gorgeous irredescent glitter on the cones. When the tree lights hit them, they really sparkle. I took them off the tree as they blended in with the pine too much and I wanted you all to see them.

You can buy the glitter glue for around $1.50 and the pine cones are free. We used scraps of fabric and ribbon for our hanging loops and just used all-purpose craft glue to adhere them to the top of our pinecones. If your pinecone has a nice sturdy stem, you can just tie them on.

A great fast and easy (and inexpensive) little project to do with the little kids in your family.

You can find additional FREE crafting projects for both adults and kids on my official crafting blog --- > HERE


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