Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recent Giveaway Contest Wins! Yeah Me!

I am an avid blog reader and blog poster...heck, I have 6 blogs (2 are joint blogs with my friend Sophia), so I absolutely love reading and posting on blogs. Blogs are a great way to meet new people and more importantly...educate yourself on whatever topic you happen to be reading about. I just wish more people would get into the habit of leaving comments on bloggers blogs!

With all of that being said, the past 8 weeks or so, several of the blogs I read on a regular basis were holding various giveaways (contests) and I was more than happy to leave my comments which earns me entries into their giveaways. I am happy to report that I won several of them!

1. From the Suzie Homemaker Blog, I won a great package of Mineral Makeup (2 eye shadows, a blusher, a powder and brush) all pkg. in a cute little drawstring bag. (forgot to get a picture of my prizes).

2. From Mary over on the My New 30 Blog, I won a case of POM Pomegranate juice! We have been loving this juice...see my recipe blog for a photo and recipe for POM Roasted Chicken that I made last friday...it was delish!

3. From Felissa's Blog....I won a gorgeous Stella and Dot Pearl Bracelet! I absolutely love it!

4. I won a gorgeous set of handcrafted primitive holiday items. They are stunning! I won them from The Rusty Thimble Blog and love both pieces! They are absolutely stunning and nice additions to my primitive and country holiday collection. LOVE THEM!!!!

I won a few other things...and will update my post as I get pictures and find the host site. From now on, I am going to document my fabulous wins here on my blog.



TheRustyThimble said...

hello shelly I am so glad they arrived ok. I want to thank you for participating in my giveaway and remember I have those giveaways every month of the year. And look at you, you lucky lady wow you won lots of goodies this month good for you. It does pay to leave comments.

Shelly said...


I soooo love my goodies that I won from you. I can't wait for my daughter to get up here on Saturday and put the Santa on top of our tree. Its a tradition in our household for her to put on the tree topper as she has had that job since she was 4 yrs old and is now 24 yrs old. LOVE MY goodies! I am going to blog roll your blog over on my craft blog today as I want my crafty visitors to see your fantastic items.


TeresaM said...

Thanks for following my blog Shelly! You sure have been lucky winning all those giveaways! I see you are in South Central PA..... I'm kinda there too. I live near Shippensburg.

I'm now following this blog of yours!