Friday, December 17, 2010

It's The Last Weekend Before Christmas and All Through The House...

It is finally here...the last weekend before the Christmas Holiday! yeah! I am really looking forward to Christmas this year because our little grand daughter is almost 19 months old and she can appreciate the holiday more this year!

I have spent countless hours wrapping each one of her presents with the hope that she'll soon be here! yeah! Actually...our daughter and grand daughter will be spending all day with us on Christmas and I made sure that they are both getting spoiled this holiday with a lot of gifts to open. I have my camera & video camera charging and I am ready for the big day!

I am just about done with my shopping except for hubby picking up 2 small things that I need tomorrow and then a grocery store run on Tuesday...other than that...done! yeah!!!!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday!


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