Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grand-Toddler's Second Christmas! What A Great Day!

Well, Christmas 2010 marks little Gia's second Christmas with us and we just adore her! This year she loved ripping open her presents (her prezzies) since she is now 19 months old. She was just as fascinated with the wrappings as much as the presents contained inside. It took her a full 2 hours to get all of her gifts open from Nanny and Pappy.

We saved her biggest gift until last and when hubby wheeled her new Little Tikes Crazy Coupe Car into the living room she squealed with glee and immediately ran to her new car and hopped inside it. For the next 2 hours...she didn't want to come out of her new car! LOL As pappy pushed her around the house in her car...she sat back with a grin on her face like she was cool beans! LOL It was too funny!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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