Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Won a pair of Crocs Mary Janes! I love Crocs!

A few weeks ago I entered an online mommy blogger giveaway for a chance to win a new pair of mary janes made by Crocs! I love Crocs footwear and own over 25 pairs in various colors and styles so when I was notified that I won the giveaway for the shoes above...I was doing the happy shoe dance!

My brand new pair of Crocs arrived a few days ago and let me tell you...this pair of Crocs is just as fabulous as all of the other pairs I own! yeah! I love the suede texture to these maryjanes and they are super comfortable. So far I have worn them 3 times and I must say...these Crocs Rock!!! yeah!!!!

I hope I get a few new pairs for Christmas can never have too many pairs of Crocs!


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