Friday, December 10, 2010

Please Meet Jeeter & A-Rod - My 2 Turtles!

About 3 years ago my daughter purchased me my first red-ear slider turtle and brought him home to was instant love.! Yes folks...I was in love with my new pet turtle! I named that particular turtle Jeeter after the New York Yankees Baseball Player Derek Jeeter. The following year my daughter thought that Jeeter needed a companion to play with so she purchased me another red eared slider turtle and this one I named A-rod :)

When we first got these turtles they were about the size of a half dollar...they are now the size of apples and growing like wild fire! Hubby transfered them a few weeks ago into their new 50 gallon tank and they seem to like all of the space they now have. These boys are super spoiled and very human friendly! Anyway...please meet my 2 pet turtles...Jeeter & A-rod :)


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Joaness said...

Love em! They will grow to their environment and will get BIG! You can have turtle races!