Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home Improvement Project - Magnetic Mailbox Wraps

It's now the start of September which marks the beginning of the 4th month of our various home remodeling projects. We have been gutting and remodeling this old home for 3 solid months now. We were "thinking" that it would ONLY take 3 months to complete the projects and that we would be moving into the house this month...but, we were wrong!

We only get to do the "major" work on the house during the weekends and then go over 2 evenings a week to do some "minor" work. This is taking a lot LONGER than we anticipated and is costing us a small fortune!

We have a very ugly mailbox that needs to be replaced and instead of replacing it right now (will do that in early spring), we decided to purchase one of those decorative magnetic mailbox wraps.

Since our landscaping is being done in a coastal theme, we went with a coastal themed mailbox wrap. It only cost us $8.00 (including the tax) so we felt this was a great affordable option for us right now.

It took us ONLY 30 seconds to transform our ugly old white mailbox with rust spots into something that looks a HECK OF A LOT better! Don't ya think? Some of the old house number stickers are sticking out under the wrap on the front so hubby is going to scrape those off tomorrow and it will then look even better!

Now that I have one magnetic mailbox wrap, I want more! I think it would be fun to change them up as the seasons change. What do you think? We love it!

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