Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shopping for Prescription Glasses Online

I have been wearing eye glasses for the past 10 years and every year when I go to get my eyes re-examined, I find out that my prescription has changed. Sigh, it seems to be a vicious merry-go-round every year. I guess as we age, our eye sight gets worse. Last year I paid close to $700 for my eye glasses at a local eye wear store and this year, I am determined to save money.

I decided to shop for my prescription glasses online and have them delivered to my home. I got on the web and did some browsing and found a store that has all of the latest and greatest eye glass frames. They have so many stylish choices, that it was hard to make up my mind on the pair that I wanted. Hence, I asked my hubby for his opinion and now he wants to get a new pair too!

It is really amazing at how far technology has come and that you can now purchase your eye glasses and contacts online. In doing so, you save a lot of money because our local stores charge at least 50% more. I love that I don't have to "tramp" into a local store and spend hours of my time trying on frames. I can now do it all from the comfort of my home and when it is convenient for me to do so. Isn't that pretty cool? I think so!

All I have to do is get a copy of my newest prescription and type that prescription in on the ordering form. Some places require you to mail it in or fax it in...but this one particular store you can simply type your prescription information in on the screen. Quick and Easy...just the way I like it!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know about the cool prescription eye glass store that I found online and if you need a new pair of prescription glasses, you should check them out too! Happy Shopping!

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