Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go Away Snow!!!!

Here in PA we are getting clobbered with the big 2010 East Coast Blizzard...23" and counting! I hope to venture out later on and get some photo's as its just incredible to get this mount of snow in less than 24 hours. It is still snowing as I type this and the winds are howling.

We are under a County, City and State of Emergency so everything is closed and shut down all across our area :( Today is one of those types of days to stay in, have a cup of hot cocoa and do a few crafting/sewing projects that I meant to get to earlier this week or perhaps a good book.

I did receive 2 new books in the mail yesterday that I won of them is about healthy dating relationships so I am giving that one to my 24 yr old daughter and the romance novel is for me.

This morning when I got online...I found 4 winning email notifications from giveaways I entered recently...must be my reward for putting up with this PA awful weather.


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Joaness said...

Yuch that is loads of snow. You need to come to Florida MDF!