Friday, February 12, 2010

Nature At It's Best

If you look close, you can see Rhett (cardinal). Rhett and his woman Scarlett have lived in my backyard for the past 3 years!

After getting slammed by 2 blizzards in just one week...we are finally having some sunshine...It is still very cold and frigid outside but at least the sun is shining. I am hoping our temperatures come up a little bit so we can slowly start to melt this 40" of snow that we have...we don't want the temperatures to come up too quickly as it would cause too much melting which equals massive flooding problems. I threw out some birdseed for the birds and I threw out some bagles and bread that I had since I can't wade out into the yard yet to fill their feeders so I threw all the goodies onto my patio. Within minutes, numerous visitors came to feed.

This is a photo of a gray dove who wasn't afraid of me and came right up to get a bite to eat.

Now check out this squirrel...squirrel's and I don't get along too well as they like to destroy my bird houses and bird feeders...this idiot squirrel kept chasing away the birds until he was done eating...geesh, I guess he wears the pants in the squirrel world & everyone had to wait their turn.

So now that mother nature has destroyed everything on my patio...I guess the squirrel and birds will just complete the mess LOL


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Healthy Perspectives said...

I know your history with squirrels, but this one is darn cute.

Love the cardinals. They are so pretty.