Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow...Snow...and more Snow here in PA

Well...this has been some winter here in Southern PA...that is for sure! We got hit with a blizzard Friday and Saturday and had 23 1/2" of snow in 34 hours. It then decided to sucker punch us while we were already down and another blizzard moved in at 3pm yesterday...we have never had 2 blizzards 4 1/2 days a part here in my area before...we are unfortunately breaking all kinds of snow records around here.

On top of our 23 1/2" we have almost 18" of fresh stuff and it's still snowing! We are under blizzard warnings until late tonight and we got howling gusting winds which are drifting the snow another 1 to 2 ft! ugh!

Here are some photos:

This was around 10am this can barely see our solar outdoor lights around our back patio and the snow is 1/2 way up the shepards hook that holds one of my bird feeders.

This photo is of my patio at 11am this morning...its now 3:30 and looks even worse.

Take a lot at that snow on my patio now...geesh! You can barely see our patio table and it's 1/2 way up covering our canopied swing.

I will update with some new pics later today...maybe...if I can open my front door!


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