Monday, February 8, 2010

More Fabulous Giveaway Wins!

The mailman has been bringing me all kinds of fabulous things that I have been winning online via giveaways...I can not tell you how much of a blessing this has been since money has been tight with helping our 24 yr old daughter financially to raise our first born grand daughter.

I don't blog about my giveaway wins until I actually receive the prizes as sometimes some sponsors back out and don't follow through. I am blogging my wins so that at the end of the year...I can look back and see what I won :)

Okay here we go:

I got Love In 90 Days book from Chaotic Book Reviews Blog. This is a fabulous book about finding love in 90 days and I gave it to my daughter yesterday! Looks like it will be a great read for her.

Today I got this beautiful dress for Baby G that I won from the Glimpse Product Review & Giveaway blog. The dress is made by Cotton Cupcake Design Shop over on Esty. I picked out a size 18 months pink dress with an embroidered cupcake on the front...I think it will be fabulous for baby G to wear to her birthday party in late May.


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