Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bring on the Girl Scout Cookies

I love Girl Scout Cookies and have been buying them for clost to 30 years now! Our daughter who is now 26 yrs. old did 12 years in Girl Scouts and to this day...we love their cookie drives! Every year we go nuts and purchase about 15 boxes of cookies from our local Girl Scouts and I freeze them. As the weeks go on throughout the year I thaw out one box at a time for the family to enjoy.

My husband loves the Thin Mints, I love the Tagalongs and my daughter loves the Samoas. Now that we have a little grand daughter she is following in my foot steps and loving the Tagalongs too!

When it comes to Girl Scout Cookies...what is your favorite cookie flavor? Do you only buy one box or are you like me and purchase a lot?

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