Thursday, March 22, 2012

I won a beautiful Mohawk area rug!

A few weeks ago I started entering a giveaway that was being hosted on the 3 Princes and a Princess 2 Blog owned by the wonderful Crystal for a giveaway that was being sponsored by the rug company called Mohawk.

If you won the giveaway you would be able to choose any 5 ft by 8 ft area rug as your prize and guess what? I won the giveaway!!! The rug you see posted here in my blog post is the rug that I received which is now proudly sitting in my living room.
It is absolutely gorgeous and very well made! I love this new area rug so much that hubby and I now want to purchase another Mohawk rug for our dinning room. Isn't it gorgeous! We love it!

Thank you Crystal and Thank you Mohawk for sponsoring and hosting the giveaway. I am a proud winner of this gorgeous Mohawk area rug!

~ Shelly ~

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