Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hubby and his new toy... DRY ICE

I get a lot of packages delivered to me since I am a professional product reviewer and ghostwriter and often times I get fresh food delivered to me that has been packed with dry ice. My 50 year old hubby decided to "play" with the dry ice I got yesterday and was like a little kid in a candy store.

He put a big block of dry ice in my kitchen sink with some water and it looked like fog was rolling out of my sink and kitchen for over an hour! LOL He then threw a chunk of the dry ice into our guest bathroom toilet and it sounded like popping bubbles in the toilet for 40 minutes as the dry ice fogged rolled out of the bathroom.

Oh my hubster had a blast playing with the dry ice for well over 2 hours! Geesh! I think for Christmas this year I will just purchase him some dry ice and he can play with it a few hours over the upcoming holidays.

My photo above shows the kitchen sink fogging up with the dry ice that he was playing with. He now has a new facination with dry ice and wants all of my dry ice that I receive in food packages saved so he can "play" with it all again. ugh!

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