Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Charlie the Squirrel

My almost Wordless Wednesday post today features a photo of "Charlie" our friendly squirrel who my 3 year old grand daughter has taken a real liking to. We have about a dozen squirrels who rob our bird feeders but they are mostly agressive and nasty. However, this one particular squirrel who she named "Charlie" is people friendly.

Mr. Charlie will come up and eat peanuts right out of your hand! He doesn't attack our bird feeders but will sit underneath them and eat the seeds that drop out from the other squirrels attacking it or from the birds dropping them.

So there you have it...a photo of "Charlie" on my backyard patio having a bird seed snack! You can click on the photo here in my post to enlarge it which really shows him nicely. What a great squirrel!

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