Friday, May 4, 2012

Love Watching Mallard Ducks!

I love nature and I am especially found of watching animals in their natural habitat. We have 2 nice sized streams that run through our property and every year we get a few Mallard ducks making our property their home. (you can click the photo in this post to enlarge it).

This year we have a beautiful female (she is all brown) and we named her Ding. She had a few male companions with her last month but they flew the coop! However, she has 3 new male companions with her now so we are hoping for some duck mating so that we can get some babies!

These particular 3 male Mallard Ducks are being really protective of Ding and don't like us coming near her. She is people friendly to a point but those boys want her for themselves right now. She does have what looks to be a nice sized nest near the one end of the stream so we are hoping that she will mate soon and baby ducklings will soon be on their way.

I just had to share a photo today of Ding's boyfriends! They are super colorful and very handsome!

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