Monday, May 14, 2012

Completely Offended by Dentyne Gum on Twitter!

My day started out pretty good until I was on Twitter earlier this morning. For many weeks now I have been following Dentyne Gum on Twitter as it is/was one of my favorite brands of gums. I have been chewing on Dentyne since I was a teen and I am now 40+ years old. (YOU CAN CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC TO ENLARGE IT)

However, The person managing Dentyne Gum's Twitter account thought it would be cool to RT one of their other followers tweets this morning. This person who is following Dentyne Gum and who Dentyne Gum thought it would be cool to RT goes by the user ID on Twitter as "IRecycleHoes". Wow!

Frankly, I would NEVER as a company or brand EVER RT anything by a user named "IRecycleHoes" as that is totally offensive just seeing their name come across my Twitter stream. It is offensive to women and I believe men (good men that is) would also find that offensive.

While you can tweet and RT whatever you want on your personal Twitter accounts, Companies and Brands need to watch who and what they are retweeting over there on Twitter. I am totally outraged and offended as a woman that Dentyne Gum thought it was okay to RT their follower named "IRecycleHoes". (ugh, I feel like vomiting even typing that onto my blog).

When you are doing Social Media work and representing a brand/company on their Twitter account you hold responsibilty for what you are tweeting and retweeting over there. Dentyne Gum has since deleted the tweet which I quickly screen shot before it got deleted. Instead of apologizing to their followers for that "offensive mistake" their Twitter person decided to BLOCK ME from following them! What the heck is that about? I didn't do anything wrong but tweet at them that I was totally offended by that retweet.

I have since emailed Kraft Foods about this matter as I am outraged about it! This person should of deleted the tweet (which they did) and then apologize to their followers for it. But instead, she/he blocks me because I bring the offensive tweet to their attention. Well, that isn't going to fly with me and I will continue to follow up with Dentyne Gum and Kraft Foods.

As a christian woman, I am very offended by this. Dentyne Gum, you need to make this right and apologize for it and that includes removing me from BLOCK when I did nothing wrong.

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