Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Beach in Wildwood NJ :: Almost Wordless Wednesday

My "Almost Wordless Wednesday" post for today is a photo of me standing on the beach in North Wildwood New Jersey. I chose to share that photo today because in exactly one month, I will be down in North Wildwood enjoying my final one week vacation for this year!

I have been to a LOT of beaches up and down the eastern seaboard but the beach in North Wildwood (not Wildwood) is my absolute FAVORITE beach on the east coast! I love that it's a big, wide, sandy beach and it's free! Not only that, it's super clean and very roomy!

I can walk right out our condo and within 2 minutes be standing on the warm, soft sand. I am a total beach lover and I look forward to us moving down to North Wildwood once we retire.

Have any of you ever been to North Wildwood yet? If not, you really should check it out! We love it there!

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