Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some of My Favorite Halloween Decorations and Yard Art

Our Decorations During the Daytime
Fall is such a fun time of the year and Halloween is one of my favorite times to decorate our home for some spooky fun. When I decorate for Halloween I don't do anything evil, exceptionally scary, witches or devils. Sorry folks, I am Catholic and we just don't do that here.

I would call my decorations as a "Cutesy" Halloween style with a little retro-vintage thrown into the mix! I don't over-do it either because we have no small children at home. We do have a grand child, nieces and nephews who visit us often. Plus, the neighborhood kids like seeing it too.

In the top photo you will see some of our LED outdoor lighting on the bushes. We did an orange and purple color scheme this year. If you look close, you will see pumpkin and ghosts hanging in the windows, a pumpkin on the front door, lighted wooden ghosts & pumpkins on each side of the door on our porch, a small pumpkin stake & cement tombstone (near the walkway) and black spider hanging wind chimes.

Years ago when our daughter was 6 years old we purchased a big plastic lighted ghost and always put that in our front yard. Our daughter is now 29 years old so that ghost has been around for a very long time. Last year we got this little wooden pumpkin face yard stake and he is shown on the right in the photo above. Underneath him is a lighted scarecrow ceramic pumpkin that sits in our dining room window. I think he is adorable and I love putting him out every year.

Next is the wooden lighted ghosts that we purchased this year. We got them at the Christmas Tree Store and absolutely love them! We put batteries in them and their eyes glow a beautiful purple color. Not scary at all, but definitely cute! To the right you will see our hanging spiders wind chimes. When you walk by them they jiggle and make a creepy noise. The kids love them. Underneath that is my scarecrow flag which I think is cute...especially nestled among our fall outdoor flowers in the same colors.

Decorating for Halloween is so much fun! In the photo above is our stacking wood pumpkins that we also got this year at the Christmas Tree Store. Love those eerie glowing purple eyes, don't you? The wood pumpkin on the right is a new addition this year too! He is hanging on one of our doors.

A few years ago a family member who is no longer here with us (bless her sole) gave me this adorable fiber optic light scarecrow head which sits proudly on a table in our family room every year when Halloween rolls around. It is a memorable keepsake to us now.

Another new addition this year is this gorgeous Fall Harvest Pumpkin Wreath that I got at Kohl's which I absolutely LOVE! I have it hanging on one of our doors but when it comes to special Fall family dinners, I will put it onto the table with some LED candles in the center and use it as a table centerpiece. It is large and very pretty!

Finally, I picked up this adorable metal yard state featuring cute pumpkins at Kohls about 3 weeks ago and my little grand daughter loves seeing it every time she comes over. It's a great little piece welcoming guests to our home and sits proudly in our front yard.

We have several more Fall and Halloween decorations that we put inside and outside our home. For now, I thought I would highlight a few of our favorites! Do you have favorites that you put out every year? If so, what are they?

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