Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pennsylvania Fall Foliage

It is amazing at how quickly the autumn season is flying by. Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving follows shortly thereafter. While I do enjoy the Fall season, I really dislike what is coming after it...WINTER!

Anyway, for my "almost" Wordless Wednesday post this week I wanted to share a photo with all of you of one that I took this past weekend while hubby and I were on a road trip. It features some of the gorgeous Pennsylvania Fall Foliage that we recently saw on a road trip up to State College.

If you have never visited the State College area or the Centre Hall area in Pennsylvania, we highly recommend it...especially during the Autumn season when all of the trees & leaves are changing color. You can really see some beautiful scenery while traveling through the area.

The photo was taken about 15 minutes outside of Boalsburg where several mountain ridges come together. We were down in the valley and I shot the photo while looking up. I love all of the pretty burgundy, yellow, orange, gold and green trees in that particular area. Luckily for us...we were visiting during the peak season!

Well, there you have it! Another "almost" Wordless Wednesday photo for this week! Next week I will share some additional photos that are really fantastic! Enjoy!

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