Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marie Osmond Porcelain Dolls!

I have been collecting porcelain dolls for around 30 years now. One of my favorite designers of procelain dolls happens to be Marie Osmond. I love her Miracle Kid's, Raggamuffins and especially LOVE her Hershey Candy themed dolls since I live right outside of Hershey PA.

In the summer of 2008, I had planned on taking some of my dolls and getting them signed by Marie when she was doing a doll signing in Hershey....but, unfortunately, I was in the hospital for a 6 week hospital stay and missed it. I am hoping she comes back to Hershey PA sometime in the near future so I can get some of my Hershey theme'd dolls signed by her.

Every time she is on QVC selling her can bet a quarter that I am glued to my TV set and calling in to order one :)

I do have other dolls in my collection...a dear old lady who passed away about 10 years ago...gave me a porcelain vintage baby doll right before she died for my collection. She gave her to me because during her last few weeks of her illness, I was cooking and baking some meals for her and dropping them off. I just treasure that baby and have her sitting in a vintage wicker buggy in my guest bedroom.

I also love raggedy anne rag dolls...especially homemade ones by various crafters so I have about 30 of these in my guest room too!

~ Shelly ~

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