Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Love For Lighthouses!!!

Since I was a small child (around age 5 or so)...we always took several trips every summer season down to the Jersey Shore for our family vacations. These were special trips because my mom was a single mom and we had to scrimp and save to afford these little vacations.

Every brother and I would count down the days until we were at the shore again. Matter of fact, 90% of my pleasant childhood memories happened at the shore.

Over the years...I grew to love lighthouses...just absolutely love them! I am fortunate that my hubby of 24 years also loves lighthouses so we spend a lot of our traveling time visiting various lighthouses.

It seems like every year for my birthday, mothers day, christmas friends and family give me gifts that consist of lighthouses...I bet I own around 200 various lighthouses!


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