Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miss Valencia Anne Valentine Country Rag Doll

I love rag dolls and have collected handmade rag dolls for over 30 years...most of them are raggedy anns...but being an addictive crafter, I decided I would make and sew my own rag dolls to sell at my local craft shows.

I would like to introduce you to Miss Valencia Anne Valentine...she is a 22" country rag doll. I wanted my very first rag doll in my new holiday series to start with Valentine's Day...the day for lovers :)

Miss Valencia has a muslin body stuffed with poly-fill. Her hair is all made from tea-stained muslin strips. For her hair, I decided to dye my muslin in a mixture of 3 regular tea bags and 2 raspberry tea bags...as I wanted a very very light tint to her hair. Her eyes and mouth are handpainted and she has light blush cheeks.

She is wearing a mauve colored cotton calico dress with a small floral print and under her dress is a 3/4 sleeve shirt done in a solid dark burgundy knit fabric. She has dark burgandy fabric shoes (attached to her legs) along with removeable dark burgandy ribbed fabric leg warmers. From a distance, it looks like she is wearing boots. Her leg warmers can be removed or left on. I then did a heart shaped applique in dark burgandy cotton to the lower right edge of her dress and did handstitching to attach it. I think it turned out well.

If you look closely at her hair, you will see a matching fabric bow which I added as I thought it made her look more girlie :)

I think Miss Valencia Anne Valentine turned out beautifully and I can't wait to finish the next dolls in my holiday series.

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~ Shelly ~


Christa (Chrissy) said...

She is adorable! You are one talented woman :)

Healthy Perspectives said...

She's a beauty. I'm looking forward to your collection.

Ivette said...


Shelly said...

Thanks ladies!