Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beautiful Iris in Bloom - Flower Gardening

Two years ago my husband and I received several mature Iris plants to plant in our gardens. Our neighbors were moving out at the time and the new ones moving in were tearing up the yard and giving away all of these beautiful garden plants.

We got about 10 Iris' from them 2 years ago and planted them right away. Last year only two of them bloomed so we decided to really fertilize them good last Fall and early Spring and wow...what a difference that has made!

Right now all 10 of my plants are blooming and they are just beautiful! I want to get some more but in a deep purple or pink color if I can find them. The peach color is beautiful but I need to add some darker colors to my flower beds. 
The one thing we did learn about the Iris is that they enjoy a lot of sun. Matter of fact, the ones that we have in partial sun/partial shade are doing okay...but not fantastic (we are going to move them). The ones we have in a mostly sun area are doing fabulously! They are large, bright and very colorful looking.

They are great lining the edge of your sidewalk, fencing area or plant them around one of the sides of your house that gets a lot of sunshine. I just love how large (tall) they are and they really stand out among all of the flowers and flowering bushes we have near them. Beautiful!

If you love gardening, you can find some additional gardening posts right here on my blog in the gardening category and I will be posting a lot more. As I learn new things and things come in bloom or in-season, I will be posting about them. Enjoy!

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