Saturday, June 7, 2014

Growing Blueberries at Home

Blueberries on Bush
We moved into our new home 1 1/2 years ago and were pleasantly surprised to find 5 wild raspberry bushes on our property. We love fresh raspberries but we love fresh blueberries even more! After enjoying a fabulous crop of wild raspberries last year...we decided to go ahead and plant two blueberry bushes this year.

In late April we obtained two 2 year old blueberry bushes and planted them in our backyard about 3 feet a part. Once we planted them, we fertilized them, watered them and pruned them according to the instructions that came along with them.

The instructions stated that we wouldn't get any blueberries this year but would see them during the third year (next year). Well, those instructions were WRONG! Just 3 weeks ago we went out and saw that they were flowering and guess what? Now we have several unripe blueberries growing on our bushes!!!
blueberry bush
Please ignore the "weeds" you see in the photo above as we have had a lot of rain and the weeds got a little out of control. Matter of fact, as I type this hubby is outside taking care of those weeds for me. What a great guy he is!

In a few weeks I will make another post to let you all know how our blueberry bushes are doing but I can tell you...we are super excited that both bushes are doing so well. We only expect to get a handful or two of fresh blueberries and trust me, we will totally enjoy them!

I am already dreaming about homemade blueberry pies, bread, muffins, jam, jelly and of cream! Yay!

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