Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Expressing Your Talents with the Vesta Talent Agency

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How many of you consider yourselves to be talented? If so, what is your talent? For me personally, I am no actor but I would love to be an extra on the hit TV Show The Walking Dead as a zombie! I have been practicing my zombie moves for a few years and it's my favorite TV show.

If you have any dreams of being a TV actor, movie actor, musician or even if you are a sport's athlete you need a good talent agency to represent you. One such agency is the Vesta Talent Agency that is located in Torrance, California. Prime location for all of you who live in CA. or who will be visiting the area. They are part of the licensed Association of Talent very reputable in their field.

Movie acting is something I thought about when I was younger but now that I am dream has pased. With that said, I am a HUGE movie & TV fan and some of my favorite actors are: Harrison Ford, Norman Reedus, Jim Fitzpatrick, Andrew Lincoln, Mark Walhberg, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, etc. I am all about action movies and military flicks. I am not into comedy features or shows at all. Do you have any favorite actors or actresses? If so, who?

While you are hear, head on over to the Vesta Talent Agency and take a look around. They have a lot of information on their site to helps those who are interested in the business. Hey, you never know, maybe you will see me playing a zombie on the hit TV show The Walking Dead sometime!

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