Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Spring Cleaning Jobs: How to Get Them Accomplished

With spring's arrival many people look to getting their homes spring cleaned and masterfully organized. However, most people have great intentions on getting it done...but rarely follow through. Sometimes they don't start their projects at all or they will start them, but not complete them. .

Why? It may be because the big jobs seem too overwhelming to tackle, and you think it's not worth even trying if you don't have a whole week to dedicate to that one job. Another reason might be that some people just don't want to set aside the time to get the job done since the weather is now nice outside and they want to be outside enjoying it.

With that mentality, you're right - it will never get done! So let's change the way you look at big spring cleaning jobs. To make big cleaning jobs more doable, break them into doable chunks. Yes, it's worth it - don't be tempted to think that there's no use doing anything if you can't do it all at once. Here are some tips on how to break up those big jobs into smaller chunks to make them more manageable.

Motivate the Family to Help

Whether it's cleaning out the garage, attic, basement, bedrooms or cleaning up the back yard, big jobs are best done when every member of the household pitches in to help. It's almost never a case of one person's stuff - nearly everyone in the family has a mess somewhere, so delegating and asking each person to take care of his or her own mess is a start toward making it more doable.

Tips to Motivate the Family:

* Point out to each family member how much time and effort they will save for weeks and months to come when they can locate everything they need quickly and easily. Having everything cleaned up reduces stress and saves time.

* Note the unsanitary and even unsafe conditions that can come with accumulated clutter - vermin can infest it, mold can cover it, and clutter (especially paper) can be a fire hazard.

* Offer incentives like going out for dinner or having a fun take-out food and game/movie night party for everyone who pitches in to help. Incentives/Rewards are always a great motivating factor to get the family involved.

Host a Cleaning Party

For big jobs like cleaning out the basement or garage, it helps to elicit help from others. Make specific to-do lists and hand them out to your workers, breaking the big job down into smaller ones that can be done by individuals. And make sure you repay them: give out "coupons" for cleaning help at their house that you can come and do, and/or have everyone stay for dinner. .

List the Tasks That Need to be Completed

Sit down and make a list for each member of the family of what their responsibilities will be during the cleaning session. You will need to list each specific task and as it is completed ask that member of the family to cross it off the list. By providing a list to each family member they will know what they are responsible for doing and they will be able to see the "light" at the end of the tunnel as they get close to completing all of the tasks on their list.

If you are doing things in steps, it's going to take a bit of time. Give yourself and your family reasonable amount of time to get things cleaned up and organized. Once it has all been completed make sure you reward yourself and your family for a job well done.

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