Sunday, April 1, 2012

Loving the Springtime Weather

We had a very mild winter this past season and the weather for the past 5 weeks has definitely been on the mild side here in Pennsylvania. For the first time ever, I had to turn my central air on two weeks ago and run it for 4 days straight, thanks to the 80+ degree days we were having.

I am NO fan of winter, actually...I hate winter because I am not a fan of snow, ice and cold temperature. I am really happy that spring has sprung early for us this year and that Groundhog Phil was WRONG with his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. What a stupid groundhog, he totally got this year's prediction wrong! LOL

Earlier today I went out for a walk with my mommy walking group and we did 2 miles. We like to go out about 3 times a week and take walks together, which I always enjoy. Today we took in the beauty of all of the blooming flowers that we saw along our walk path.

Usually our springtime flowers don't start blooming until early April but this year they all started blooming the middle of March. When I say blooming, they are all in FULL BLOOM already this year! yeah!!!!

I am looking forward to Tuesday when we all go out for our next mommy walk and hopefully this time around we will see even more flowers in bloom. I just love them!

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