Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our New Rapid Reel Garden Hose Reel

My husband was a very busy beaver today and he spent quite a bit of time over at the house earlier today. (around 6 hours of time!). We have been slowly making some big and small home improvements to the house and some day, we will be moving into it. Right now, we have been renting out our house to my great auntie who is taking great care of it.

Today my hubby spent 3 hours mowing the front and back yards and using the weed whacker to get rid of the weeds. Oh my gosh, what a job that is since we have a big yard! After he was done with that he trimmed and pruned some of our bushes and finally got around to installing our brand new Rapid Reel Garden Hose Reel that we are reviewing for the Two Classy Chics review and giveaway blog. You will be able to see and read our full review on this product once we publish it on May 4th.

Next week we will be planting some new flowering bushes and some new flowers around the property and I am really looking forward to that. In 2 weeks will be starting our vegetable garden and as the season goes along, I will be blogging our garden progress.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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