Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Summer is Coming to an End!!!

Wow, it's hard to believe but today is August 21st and that means that Summer will be coming to an end soon! Across the nation many kids have already went back to school and here in our area they head back on Monday. Wow, this Summer has really flown by and it seems like yesterday that I was moaning & groaning about Summer getting here after having a cool and rainy Spring.

Luckily for us...there is still a little bit of Summer left! We will be leaving on vacation soon and spending 10 days down at the Jersey Shore. Usually by now we have been down at least twice during the season but this year is different due to my hip replacement surgery back in late April and being on traveling restrictions.

We are really looking forward to our upcoming vacation as it will be our first one for this year. My mother, daughter, her fiance and our grand daughter are all coming along. They will stay with us for 1/2 of our vacation and then they will head home so that hubby and I can have some alone time. Yay for that!

In early October we will be heading to Gettysburg for a few days and then in early November we will be hitting Lancaster. We love touring areas here in our own home state and are looking forward to both of those mini vacations later this year. Perhaps we will throw a weekend in there some where to head up to New York City too!

This summer has been great because I have managed to stay out of the hospital (knock on wood) after having a long stay in there over the Christmas holiday and then a 5 day stay in April when I had my hip surgery. Hopefully, I can stay out of that dungeon for the remainder of this year too! (That's the plan).

While I am on vacation...keep checking this blog and my Travel Blog as I will be doing a lot of blogging on the things we are seeing, doing and enjoying down at the Jersey Shore!

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