Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Refinished The Old Water Fountain & Bird Bath

Last year my neighbors moved out and were going to haul off this old water fountain & bird bath to the city dump! It was in terrible shape with numerous cracks, chips and didn't run at all. Seriously, I wouldn't of paid $5.00 for the thing!!!

However, my hubby saw the potential and they gave it to him for FREE...gosh, I love free! Anyway, last month he finally had some extra time and spent an entire month restoring it...matter of fact, we are told that it's even prettier now than it originally was 25 years ago!
He purchased plaster of Paris, caulk, grout, an air & water pump and several cans of outdoor spray paint that is in a gray granite type of finish. After spending 4 weeks...he finally got it restores and's beautiful now! Seriously, all of the neighbors are now jealous with it sitting out in our front yard in one of our many flower beds.

We have been working on all of our landscaping since we moved into the house 8 months ago and our landscaping is all coastal looking (the parts we have re-done) and we are still working on it. We love this bird bath combination water fountain because the bowl portion looks like a huge scallop seashell...don't ya think?

This fountain is super heavy and it took 3 men with a dolly to move it from the garage up to the front of the house! I bet it weighs a good 75 to 100 lbs...I kid you not! It's super heavy and consists of 2 pieces! Anyway, it's done and in it's new place!

Next up...the new hydrangea bushes are going in next week and then later next month the 2 new blueberry bushes will be put in along with another raspberry bush. I am very pleased with how our property is starting to look!

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