Saturday, August 10, 2013

Terrified of Severe Thunderstorms & Bad Weather

When I was a little girl I experienced first hand at what an F1 tornado can do and ever since that time I have been terrified of severe thunderstorms. While I am okay with regular thunderstorms, the severe ones with a lot of thunder, lightning, high winds, hail and tornado watches or warnings totally freak me out! Yes...freak me out!

I contribute all of this from my tornado experience as a little girl when my family and I crouched in a basement for over 2 hours in the dark while a weak tornado ripped a part our home. Once it was over...we climbed out and everything was gone...GONE!

We are very lucky that we all survived and none of us were hurt badly...just a few bumps, bruises and minor scrapes. Yes, very lucky and eternally grateful that the Lord spared us all and had bigger plans for each & every one us. For everyone who has ever been through one...please know...the Lord has bigger and better plans for YOU!

With that this day the severe storms freak me out and I have to medicate with anti-anxiety meds every time one comes knocking on our door. While these meds help me get through the storm, I really wish I wouldn't have to take them. I have tried meditation, yoga and bio-feedback exercises but yet my anxiety continues when storms arrive.

One thing that has recently been helping me is noise reduction when storms hit. By that I mean this...when storms arrive, I put on noise-reduction earphones and play music through my iPod. I go into a room that has no windows (so I can't see what the weather is doing outside) and listen to soothing music until the storm is over. I have learned that if I can't see it and can't hear it...I can get through it without medication.

The only time I have been taking my anti-anxiety medication now is if we are out & about somewhere where I can't escape the sight & sounds of a severe thunderstorm. I consider that great progress & I am happy to have made it!

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