Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Sweeper and Mop

** Complimentary Product Received for Review **

I love having a clean and organized home...matter of fact, I am pretty passionate about it! Some people would call me a 'clean and neat' freak and others would just call me plain crazy, but I absolutely love to clean my home! I take great pride in keeping a nice home for my family and I love to show it off when guests arrive.

Recently I had a total hip replacement surgery and doing my day-to-day cleaning tasks have become a real big challenge for me. I was sent a Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Starter Kit to try out for all of you. I just love reviewing cleaning products, especially ones that make my life easier.

The Swiffer Sweeping & Mopping Starter Kit includes:

* 1 Sweeper
* 2 Dry Refills
* 1 Wet Refill

The dry cloth traps & locks in dirt which is good for dry mopping and sweeping. The wet cloth traps & locks in dirt deep into the cloth and is for your wet mopping to clean your floors. What is really cool is that those dry cloths leave floors up to 3X cleaner due to the way it traps & locks in dirt. I am all for that as I hate using a regular household broom with a passion!
One of the things I love about this product is the telescoping can adjust the handle length to the size that you need. The cloths are very easy to attach and remove from the sweeper/mop head and simply tuck into the little cut-out grooves.

I first started with my dry mopping (sweeping) so I used the dry cloth first. I took it into both bathrooms and did the floors and it did a fabulous job at picking up all that disgusting hair and dirt. When I was done...I couldn't get over how much hair & dirt it really picked up...OH MY GOSH...and I thought my floors looked clean before that! Geesh, I was missing a lot! Thank goodness I have this new Swiffer Sweeper!
After I was done in the bathrooms, I changed out the dry pad and put on a clean dry pad. I then started in my dining room, worked my way into the living room and finally ended up in the kitchen...all using this one pad! I love how this product is designed as I am able to get underneath the edges of furniture, tables, consoles, under chairs and all kinds of other places I normally couldn't reach.

Now it was time to I put the wet refill pad on and got busy! I first started in the kitchen, moved into the dining room & living room and finally finished up with the 2 bathrooms. Surprisingly...the wet pad stayed wet and was plenty moist for me to do all of those rooms on one pad! 
Gross & Disgusting Dirt!
My tiled floors and hardwood floors are all looking sparkling clean again and I love how easy it was to do! I didn't have to lug around a broom, dust pan, mop, bucket and all of that other nonsense to complete this cleaning task and using the Swiffer Sweeper & Mop made the job quick and easy! Yay!!!

This Swiffer Sweeper & Mop will always be in my cleaning arsenal of products from now on! It did a fabulous job cleaning all of my floors and I love that I just toss out the used pads and just purchase the refills when I need them. Finally, I love it's slim & compact design and the handle has a hanging hole so that you can hang it up on a hook for storage (mine hands in my cleaning closet) and takes up very little room!  Thanks Swiffer!!!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this blog post. I did receive a free Swiffer Sweeper & Mop to use and evaluate in the privacy of my own home. My thoughts, opinions and ideas on this product are honest and unbiased. Your opinions may differ from my own.

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