Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gardening - Can You Identify This Flowering Plant?

Back in January of 2013 we moved into our new home & have been working on our landscaping. We have been cleaning up the property, beautifying it and all kinds of other things. We have added brand new edging, two new bird baths, a new water fountain, an outdoor swing, 4 flower beds and a vegetable garden.

Well, last weekend I was down at the back of our property near the tree line and discovered this flowering bush aka plant. It's quite large if I must say so myself. Hubby weeded around it and it looks pretty healthy. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and we are enjoying our new found flowering plant or bush.

However, we don't know what kind of plant or bush that it is!!! Do any of you recognize this flower and if so, can you please tell us what it is? We do know that this flowering plant aka bush has been on the property for many years and blooms every Spring & Summer. We got that information from our neighbors but they don't know what it is either. I asked the previous home owner and she said she doesn't remember either and that her husband planted it for her about 9 years ago.

So, if you know what type of flower plant (bush) that this is...please leave me a comment! We are trying to learn more out about it. Thanks for your help!

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